Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebration of life

Celebration of life
Is that what we talked about, Is that where it all began
There was a fair, fireworks and rides
In the middle of a desert rose a tide
We all danced to the tunes from arrows and spears
It was a place of its own kind
There were dancers performing on the roads
Making people stand on their toes
The sun is about to set, there are wolves howling out aloud
Let’s celebrate this part of the show
 it’s just about to end

have you walked up to  a high peak and looked down,
that is where you came from and that is where you will go back
but rejoice
celebrate the moment
and surrender to the harmony of the winds

do you sit down and listen to crickets on lonely  nights
do you know who they are, do they belong to the upper tribe
can you ask them for me, how do they celebrate life
is it like here with fairs and dances and beer
does it look the same, does it feel the same
if they say yes, tell them to go back and stand tight
they can steal all the booty , but the beast is mine

there is birth of an angel in that house down the lane
I know them, they are good beings
There are cries of sweetness and bliss, the baby is welcomed with happiness
I went to see her too, I saw her and I saw her eyes
I looked into them, they were deep blue like a dangerous ocean
They were anchored in one emotion, one motion all day
Finding, waking, straining, staring, hope, love, need, cry
Feel, touch, hold, die, but don’t dry
Did you see all this in one look just the way I did
Did you hold her hand and welcome her

There are serpents outside with white turbans and mud loathed clothes
They were knocking on the doors, they wanted to take her away
But don’t worry kid

you will be warm again,
you will come back and stand here again
you will face the storm again,
you will be born again

Monday, February 24, 2014


Have you ever seen smoke without fire
Have you seen the white light wired
Did you notice the roars and the cries of the people in pain
It is a conscious effort so you don’t lose it all in vain
Did you say you believed in seasons
Did you see them coming
I saw them change through the window of the room
At the corner block
I remained still, poised, seated
While it all changed past and roads came to an end
Did you have your bodies knit so tight
That the visuals passed by and you didn’t realize

There is a
Which will

Run to the desert run to save
Save the life, save the flowers, save the wild child
This body needs warmth and we are all going to freeze here
Like mannequins for people to come and see in decades
Did they witness the change, the process, the mystery
Is this homecoming or last in the line of victory

Have you ever woken up to a dim morning
Have you felt heavy with each breath
Did you release the demons out or did you leash them
How do you like it better, do you like it this cold

There is no fuel left to burn
It went away in fumes to where it was destined
Are we transporting or transcending
Is the real or surreal

Look at that small girl who lives like a princess
There was blood there was skin
But in her eyes there was no fear
She held hands and walked through the forests, the mountains and the lakes, the bears and the tears
She crossed them all
And now at the peak she is ready to be mowed

Would you enjoy slaughtering
Would you like to see the death dawn upon her 
Do you hear the screeching of cars
They would just drive over her
They keep talking
They keep talking in my ears

They don’t reach my head

Ride the white horse with a blue saddle
Into the winds well fly together
Clutch tight don’t fall on the way
Cos he’s not looking back at you, hell just trot away

Leaves on the barbed wires without any water
Guards on the gates with green caps and red lines
This beautiful girl smiling at me
With her long hair combed so fine
She looked at us with those light crystal eyes
She walked out of those gates and rode the horse
And she rode away.. into the dark


Friday, January 31, 2014

Lady and your child

You think its only humans
Who have a population
How about the ocean's tides
Which can engulf a whole big nation

Lets all get together
And dance tonight
Cos there ain't gonna be
Another summer midnight
Is this how we declare our fate
We chose to ignore
The screams from the sky

Grasslands burnt birds died
And man made walls to hide
We yet haven't seen the mighty side
Any plans to save the lady and your child
The lady and your child..